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Shoes for women by Ana Lusitana were uniquely designed for independent women with a strong personality. No more. No less. 

We adopt timeless shoes for women’s designs and make them our own: with a sophisticated, yet simple elegance, and a retro-classic flavor.

If you’re looking for designer shoes for women with an emphasis on design and quality derived from expert craftsmanship, then welcome to Ana Lusitana.


Types of Shoes for Women

There are many types of shoes for women and almost as many women’s shoe designer brands. The difficulty lies in deciding between hundreds or even thousands of options.

To ease your endeavors, Ana Lusitana focuses on designing a restricted number of types of shoes for women.

Our boots, brogues, loafers, monk shoes, sneakers, and shoes for women are handcrafted by a team of skilled craftsmen and women that put their souls into their craft. These are expertly crafted designer shoes for women looking for that perfect symbiosis between quality and design.


Boots for Women

Boots for women by Ana Lusitana are designed to suit the needs of the modern woman of today.

Our classic boot designs are imbued with functionality and versatility, turning your boots for women into the perfect partner to engage in all personal and professional challenges you may face.

Our online boots collection includes ankle boots such as Jodphur and Chelsea boots, as well as the more traditional lace ups or the newly revamped mid-calf combat boots. 

Like all shoes for women by Ana Lusitana, our women’s boots are equally handcrafted in premium leather and suede, proudly made in Portugal. Keep exploring to find the perfect pair for every season, including leather boots for rain and winter, designed for everyday elegance, no matter the weather.


Sneakers for Women

Sneakers for women by Ana Lusitana are designed with an urban inspiration. These are shoes for women with a fearless lifestyle.

Our leather sneakers for women display vibrant and fierce colors that will make you noticed every time you enter a room, ready to take charge in your own unique way.

These are the shoes for women of the XXI century: with a strong personality and the desire to push every limit and establish new boundaries.


Loafers for Women

Loafers for women by Ana Lusitana are designed to become the best walking shoes for women you may ever find.

Our loafers for women maintain their world-renowned classic design but are improved by modern techniques. They are simple, elegant, and comfortable. And a synonym for your day-to-day designer shoes for women.


Women Brogues

Women brogues by Ana Lusitana are designed with a retro-classic touch and a neo-vintage appeal. Our women’s brogues have a classic design but were transformed into a modern-day affair with bright and vibrant colors.

They are a bold choice that will make you feel like you’re walking along a surreal boulevard in Paris. C’est chic!


Monk Shoes for Women

Monk shoes for women by Ana Lusitana were designed to surprise and take the world by storm. 

Our monk shoes for women are ladies’ shoes who simply chose to cross the line and forge their own history. They are daring, audacious, and unique. 


Shoes for Women Online

Our shoes for women online were all designed by Ana Lusitana. Proudly made in Portugal, these are handcrafted in leather and suede, by the capable hands of skilled craftsmen and women. 

Our collection focuses on a restricted number of shoe types, all designed for the mature women of today. If you have a strong personality and a sophisticated taste, you know what you want. Hopefully, we do too.