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Leather sneakers are a type of leather casual shoes that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. To put it simply, the style most leather sneakers provide everyone has been around for more than 50 years.

Sneakers will continue enjoying their moment, particularly when handcrafted in premium, gorgeous leather.

A good pair of fashionable sneakers can compel any woman to look comfortable, sleek, and stylish in almost all settings spanning from total casualty to most business environments of the XXI century

Case in point: leather sneakers for women, paired with jeans and a clean white t-shirt for the effortless, casual, everyday look. And the dressed-down smart-business attire for the modern woman.

Leather sneakers for women by Ana Lusitana are the perfect addition to your collection, no matter where you wear them.


Leather Sneakers for Women

The best leather sneakers for women have a clean, yet sophisticated appeal. They should be styled for much more than your everyday errands.

In fact, a pair of these should be able to take any woman everywhere. Everywhere, while wearing anything they so desire. Everywhere, while wearing anything and still make you look like a street-style symbol.

Even when you wear your new leather sneakers as your pair of dress shoes, they should always make you feel comfortable and stylish. This is the case with all shoes for women designed by Ana Lusitana.

Elegance is at the core of our leather sneakers designs. They perfectly balance comfort, versatility, and style.

They are handcrafted in Portugal with genuine premium leather and tremendous attention to detail. They are at their best with sharply tailored clothing options, but you can be sure our leather sneakers for women will also be a reliable choice for all other outfits or moods.

With a timeless design and clean, simple outlines reinforced by metallic finishes and quality construction, leather sneakers by Ana Lusitana are your definitive choice for your next wardrobe staple sneakers.


Leather Sneakers by Ana Lusitana

Leather sneakers by Ana Lusitana are practical, versatile, and handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and women in Portugal.

Our leather shores for women are made with durable materials and premium leather. If you need a pair of designer sneakers for women that can take you anywhere from your daily commute and work events to your vacations and leisure activities, these are your all-season-long solid choice.

Casual dressing is more than a movement, today. It is not only a fashionable choice, but it also is the current, modern lifestyle for both men and women. 

There is a reason why you may be seeing everyone wearing a pair of leather designer sneakers. And, in particular, white leather sneakers.

Clean, neat, white trousers and white sneakers is a powerful combination to which we added our own twist. White leather sneakers by Ana Lusitana exhibit wonderful metallic finishes. These guarantee a smart-casual sophistication and ensure you steal a look or two from passers-by.

You can also find many other shiny colors at Ana Lusitana.

Our slim designs are fully colored and always in line with what you need every day.

That is why our leather sneakers are also chunky, low-top, platform sneakers. They boast a low profile that offers you a casual luxurious look that will go well with everything. The details we put into our eye-catching laces are also worthy of note. Our laces perfectly complement our leather sneakers designs with vibrant and exciting colors. 

With every pair of leather sneakers, we aim at one thing only. To create a comfortable, fashionable piece that maintains the classic sneaker design but is still capable of still looking fresh.

We hope every sneaker designed by Ana Lusitana quickly becomes one of the best leather shoes for women you will ever find, as well as your reliable go-to pair of leather sneakers.