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Loafers for women are a timeless shoe design, today considered a wardrobe essential for all successful women. Their elegant lines allow you to develop a simple, yet sophisticated style that works with every look.

A pair of handcrafted loafers for women can work with anything from denim jeans to a cocktail dress or even a skirt and playful ankle socks. 

Everything is possible and the best loafers for women are not only trending but effectively experiencing a comeback. Slowly and steadily, they have been becoming a staple of the smart-casual attire for the workplace and the everyday needs of the modern woman.

Naturally, this is the world Ana Lusitana delves into to become inspired and design wonderful, handcrafted loafers for women.

The designs by Ana Lusitana pay homage to the classic moccasin style while giving it a modern and chic twist at the same time.

Some of our designer loafers for women are as simple as they can be, while others push their retro-classic appeal to the limit with more modern colors and materials, as our leopard loafers with fur will attest.

If you’re looking for a well-crafted, quality pair of loafers to wear to work, or for a typical errand, Ana Lusitana has designed them for you.


Types of Loafers for Women

Not all loafers for women were created equal. Some types of loafers for women are more formal than others. Some have embellishments such as horse bits. Some are heeled, while others may be flat. Some are platformed and others are chunkier.

And to all this, we added color to our loafers for women. A wide spectrum of colors: black, blue, brown, or white are a few of the classic colors appropriate for this elegant design, but pink is always an option and leopard patterns are becoming more and more predominant by the day.

If you are a woman with a strong personality and evident good taste, we are sure you will find a pair that suits your needs.

All of this explains the success loafers for women have been experiencing as of late – no matter the style or the occasion, there is a type of women’s loafers designed exclusively for you.

Nevertheless, Ana Lusitana evenly divides all loafers for women into two main different types: suede and leather.


Leather Loafers for Women

Leather loafers for women are the most versatile type of women’s moccasins. The premium leather with which we handcrafted our shoes is long-lasting and impeccable to work with.

Together with their timeless, iconic design, it gives Ana Lusitana the freedom to add to them a modern flavor, particularly when it comes to color choice. Playing and exploring different color options and combinations is what truly makes the loafers for women designed by Ana Lusitana to have a unique look to them.

The fact is that the simplicity of the design is what appeals the most. In the end, the colors and patterns you choose for your loafers for women are what truly define your desire and personality.


Suede Loafers for Women

Alongside leather, you will almost always find suede. Suede loafers for women are designed according to the same rules applied to women’s leather loafers.

However, suede is a material that is more appropriate to specific seasons, namely spring and summer. Suede is also slightly more casual than leather, which will make them perfect for a fashion-chic weekend outfit.


Loafers for Women Online

Whether the iconic, the chunky, or the platform style, at Ana Lusitana you will find the perfect loafers for women online that will suit your every need.

All of our women’s loafers are handcrafted in premium, high-quality leather and suede, with a focus on the penny loafer designed for women. 

From the clean, classic style of the black loafers to the more complex loafers with fur, you can be sure these are an elegant, yet sophisticated choice with a massive talent for versatility and your every single need.

Whatever you choose to wear them, it will work.