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Originally, sneakers for women were designed for women who were used to running from one side of the court to the next. And then back again.

Now we run all over the city, pursuing and achieving our dreams.

And we need elegant and refreshing sneakers for women that allow us to walk everywhere we want to go. And dressed accordingly, in our jeans, in our dresses, in our suits, and, if need be, in our pajamas.

They must do so while making us look both refined and comfortable. Perfect for women in charge of their lives.

This is what you find at the core of our sneakers for women by Ana Lusitana. Inspired by classic designs, we reimagine their features and imbue them with a retro flair that turns them into beautiful and trendy pieces.


Types of Sneakers for Women 

You know there is an innumerable number of types of sneakers for women. As such, we focus on the foundational aspects of the best sneakers for women. 

First and foremost, they must be comfortable, durable, and versatile. But like all shoes for women designed by Ana Lusitana, our sneakers for women also make you look good and feel good while you wear them. 

Our selection is entirely made of casual sneakers for women with minimal design, details, and unique stitching patterns. 

Their quality is as impeccable as is their construction method, turning them into fashionable pieces that not only bring you back to basics but also resist any trends and all seasons.

Our designer sneakers for women are sure to motivate you and help you perform to the best of your abilities while you run around the city.


Leather Sneakers

You know what leather looks and feels like. At Ana Lusitana we only use genuine premium leather to handcraft our leather sneakers for women.

They are the perfect addition to your collection, whether you want to wear them casually or as an essential statement of your life within the business casual environment.

In line with the most fashionable movements, our sneakers for women are also platform sneakers, fully colored and trendy with small details that impress and declare that you are more than what meets the eye.

Their wonderful silhouette works best with sharp tailoring clothes, but you can be sure these will work perfectly well when paired with jeans or leggings for the more casual look.

Practical and versatile, our sneakers for women have an incredible quality and an extreme attention to detail which will quickly make them one of your most comfortable shoes for women, even if you choose to wear them as your dress sneakers.

They were designed for elegancy and perfect balance. Ana Lusitana offers you a wide array of color options, including one of the most desired women’s fashion sneakers today: sneakers for women in white leather.


Sneakers for Women Online 

Sneakers for women online are a street-style classic reimagined by Ana Lusitana. Every woman should own a pair of these, and you can wear them alongside dresses, jeans, and business suits alike.

Remarkably handcrafted in Portugal and with an elegant modern design, they are bound to become your everyday sneakers for women. We’re sure of it. 

Browse our online store and choose the perfect color that best adapts to your lifestyle. From classic white to the most colorful options such as light-blue and fiery orange, they will all suit your needs.

And in the end, you can never have too many sneakers, can you?